10 Lines on Holi Festival in English

10 Lines on Holi Festival in English


10 Lines On Holi In English For Kids | Short Essay Of Holi For Kids | Holi 10 Lines For Kids In English | Holi Essay ……………..


10 Lines on Holi


Every year, all the Hindus of India celebrate Holi, which is one of the most popular festival in the country.It is also called the festival of colors.

Holi is mostly celebrated in India during the month of March, and the festival will last up to two days.

Various states of India celebrate Holi in different ways, and each celebration is unique and beautiful.

A ritual called the ‘Holika Dahan‘ is performed the day before Holi, and it is very important.

People build a large bonfire and perform various ceremonies, by burning a pile of wood, grass and cow dung in the night. which is how ‘Holika Dahan’ is performed.

Holi is a happy and joyful festival that brings happiness on the face of everyone.

Radha and Krishna, as per religious texts, were the ones who began the Holi celebration.

On Holi, people gather with their families and friends to apply colour to each other as a form of celebration.

In North India, singing songs is a way of celebrating Holi ,  is a tradition.

For Holi, a variety of special sweets are made, ‘Gujiya’ being one of the most popular.

According to the festival’s legend, good always victory over evil.

Natural colours were once popular so, the Holi festival is often regarded as a festival associated with nature.

In today’s world, chemical dyes are commonly used, which can harm the skin.

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