10 Lines on International Chess day

10 Lines on International Chess day


 10 Lines on International Chess day | 10 lines on sport | essay on chess for the students to prepare for school exams.

10 Lines on International Chess Day in English


The International chess federation was founded on 20 July 1924 under the name FIDE.

UNESCO proposed the celebration of 20 July as International Chess Day, after which the first International Chess Day was celebrated on 20 July 1966

It is called a mind game because it requires a lot of mental effort on your part to play.

Chess is played on a board that is made up of 64 squares

Half of these pieces are white and half are black in color

There are pieces on these leaves like an otter, elephant, king, wazir, soldier, etc, with the help of these the game is played

The chess game is organized all over the world on 20th July

The game of chess is played by over 50 billion people around the world

The game of chess involves two players making different plans to beat each other’s queen.

The game of chess is considered a healthy brain game because it develops the brain’s capacity.

Children’s learning power, memory, and ability to focus will be improved by developing these abilities.

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