10 Lines On Mahatma Gandhi in English – 10 Line Essay

10 Lines On Mahatma Gandhi


10 Lines On Mahatma Gandhi in English | 10 Lines On Mahatma Gandhi | Gandhi Jayanti few Lines  for kids to help in their exams.


On October 2, 1869, Mahatma Gandhi was born in Porbandar, Gujarat.

He played an important role in bringing India to independence.

In his memory, we celebrate Gandhi Jayanti on 2nd October. He was a priest of truth.

The full name of Gandhi was Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi.

Mahatma Gandhi’s father was Karamchand Uttamchand Gandhi, and his mother was Putlibai, who followed religious practices and rules.

The shadow of Mahatma Gandhi’s mother could be seen in his life.

His wife’s name was Kasturba Gandhi. Kasturba Gandhi was six months older than Gandhiji.

Gandhiji’s father and Kasturba’s father had been friends, so they became kin.

Kasturba Gandhi supported Gandhiji in all his movements.

He completed his secondary education from Rajkot after completing his schooling at Porbandar. He then moved to England for his further studies.

Gandhiji completed his education in advocacy in 1891. 

However, he had to go to South Africa in connection with his legal case for some reason.

They felt discrimination because of his color and considered raising their voices against him.

Black people were oppressed and abused by white people there.

Gandhi believed in non-violence and urged the community to do the same.

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