10 lines on my country India in English and Hindi

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10 lines on my country India in English and Hindi


10 lines on my country India | 10 line essay on my country India in English and Hindi for the students to prepare for Exams.

10 lines about India in English

The name of our country is India. Its capital is New Delhi which is a famous city.

Our country India is the pride of the Asia continent.

There is China in the north and Sri Lanka in the south. Afghanistan is in the west, Verma in the east, etc. countries.

There are currently 28 states and 8 union territories in our country.

India is the 7th largest country in the world. The currency of India is Rupee.

India got independence on 15 August 1947.

India is the largest democratic and republican country in the world.

People of different cultures and traditions live in India.

The national flag of India is the tricolor, national flower lotus, national tree banyan tree, national emblem Ashoka pillar, national sport hockey, national bird peacock, and national animal tiger.

In India people of all religions live together.

Many great people were born in India and got fame in the world, Zero was invented by Aryabhatta of our country.

India ranks second in terms of population, but in terms of area, India is in seventh place.

Our country has the distinction of giving birth to Mahatmas like Emperor Ashoka, Shivaji, Maharana Pratap, Tulsidas, Mahatma Gandhi.

India is also known as India, Hindustan, and Bharatvarsh.


10 Lines on India in Hindi


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