10 Lines on Cricket

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10 Lines on Cricket


10 Lines On My Favorite Game Cricket |  favorite game 10 lines on cricket in English for all the students by OS

10 lines on cricket in English

As far as sports are concerned, cricket is the most popular game in our country.

Earlier, cricket was played only by men, but now it is played by both men and women.

In the middle of the cricket playground, there is a 22-yard pitch. 

This game is played by 11-11 players playing on two teams, one of which is decisive. Each cricket team has 11 players, some of whom bowl, some of whom bat, a wicketkeeper who catches the ball, and a captain who manages the team.

During a cricket match, an umpire is a judge

There are many types of cricket games including:

Updated: 30 Dec 2022 — 9:55 pm

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