Month: November 2020

Class 3 English Online Test Set-E

IEO Mock Test for Class 3,ieo olympiad mock test for class 3 ,this test will help your kids to enhance your knowledge…………………. Also Read – 8 Parts of Speech Definitions with Examples one word substitution quiz- Most common words in English  

Class 3 English Online Test Set-D

  Also Read :- Common and Proper nouns worksheets for kids 8 Parts of Speech Definitions with Examples Most common words in english-one word substitution Quiz CLASS-4 IMO LEVEL 2 PRACTICE QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS

Class – 5 Profit and Loss Problems for Class 5

Profit and Loss in Mathematics The price paid to the supplier or wholesale supplier by a shopkeeper is called the cost price, which includes all costs, such as transport repair work, etc. The price at which the shopkeeper sells his products is called the selling price. To calculate profit, we have to put the selling price higher than the cost price and to calculate the profit. Formulae to calculate profit:- Profit = Selling price – cost price If the cost price is higher than the selling price this means that you have a […]

General knowledge questions of science with answers

General knowledge questions of science with answers ,these questions are very helpful for competitive exams like PSC , UPSC , SSC, RAILWAY ETC. The only bird capable of flying backwards…………? Hummingbird Ostrich Myna Parrot Silk is obtained from…………….? Egg Larvae Pupa None of these The life span of RBC [red blood cells ] in human blood is 100 days 120 days 150 days […]

Class – 3 Safety Rules for kids

What are Safety Rules ? Be safe People get hurt in accidents. Accidents can put our lives in danger. We can avoid accidents if we follow safety rules. Be safe in the classroom Do not hit anyone or through things. Do not climb on the desk/table Be careful while using sharpener to sharpen pencils. Be […]

General Knowledge Quiz for Kids under 10

General knowledge trivia – part 1 ,this quiz consists of various questions for kids for the preparation of olympiad exam like igko etc. Important National Days celebrated in India – click here GK General Knowledge Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams –click here

Science Olympiad Practice Questions for Class 5 – Test-2

5th Grade Science Practice Test , These brilliant science questions will help your kids to explore their knowledge for NSO,SCIENCE OLYMPIAD   Class 5 Science Practice Test for olympiad preparations CLASS 5 NSO [national Science Olympiad] PRACTICE QUESTIONS