Month: February 2021

Living and Non-Living things – Grade 3 Science

Chapter 3 Living and Non-Living things worksheet for Grade 3 CBSE living vs nonliving things for class 3 questions and answers frank science class 3 science solution for ICSE and CBSE board…………… Section 1 Write true or false Some non-living things breathe in air – An – False Birds give birth to young ones Ans – False […]

Earth and Universe -class 3

Earth and universe -class 3 What is universe for class 3 questions and answers, questions on universe for grade 3, quiz on solar system with answers, What is universe Question and Answers :- Que – Why the sun is important? Ans- The sun is important because it gives us heat and light and plants also […]

IMO Sample Paper for Class 1 – Test 7

Maths Olympiad Questions for class 1 IMO Mock Test for Class 1 kids to prepare for school as well as various competitive exams like IMO ,international Maths Olympiad , Also Read :- Maths/Worksheets Online Test for Grade 1 Class 1 Maths Online Test Set-A Class 1 Maths Online Test Set-B Class 1 Maths Online Test […]

Growing Plants class 5 – Question and Answers

Growing Plants Class 5-Science Growing plants class 5 , includes MCQ ,Questions and answers of chapter for kids to learn. Multiple choice Questions Q – Plants can grow from Seeds Roots Stems All of These Ans-  All of These Q –  What does a seed need for germination?  Water  Air  Warmth  All of these Ans- […]

IMO Sample Paper for Class 1 – Test 6

IMO Practice Papers for Class 1 IMO Practice Papers for Class 1 will be helpful for grade 1 kids to check their maths knowledge and prepare for various olympiad examinations…   Also Learn –

How to check IEO 2020-2021 result declared

  SOF IEO Results – SOF is going to declare IEO – 2020-2021 result for class 1 to 10 in the Last week of February 2021   Candidates can enter their roll number to check SOF International General Knowledge Olympiad result on the official website of SOF i.e., . following screen will appear in front of you.   Fill all the details as […]

Skeletal System Questions -Grade 5

Skeletal system   Que – What is skeletal system and what are the parts of the skeletal system? Skeletal system is a framework or skeleton of our body the skeleton gives shape and support to a body, skull ribs back bones and limbs are part of our skeletal system.   Que – What are the functions of […]