Adjectives are words that describe or modify nouns or pronouns by giving more information about their qualities, characteristics, or attributes. They can indicate size, shape, color, texture, age, origin, material, and many other aspects of the noun or pronoun they are describing.

For example, in the sentence “The big red apple”, “big” and “red” are adjectives that modify the noun “apple”.

Types of Adjectives: –

Adjectives of quality

Adjectives of quality ,describe the characteristic or quality of the noun or pronoun they are modifying. They help to provide a clearer picture of the subject by describing its physical or emotional attributes.

Examples of adjectives of quality are Big , Small , Red , Blue ,Happy ,Sad , Fast.

For example:

  1. The big elephant walked slowly across the savanna.
  2. The small kitten meowed softly.
  3. The red roses smelled sweetly.
  4. The blue sky looked beautiful.
  5. The happy children played joyfully.
  6. The sad puppy whimpered quietly.
  7. The fast car raced down the highway.
  8. The slow snail crawled along the path.
  9. The loud thunder boomed in the sky.
  10. The soft blanket felt cozy.


Adjectives of quality are also known as descriptive adjectives,

Adjective of quantity

Adjectives of quantity , indicate that the amount or quantity of the noun or pronoun they are modifying. They provide information about the number, volume, or quantity of the subject.

Examples of adjectives of quantity are Many , Few , Some , Any , Several , All , Enough , Little , Much

These adjectives can be used in sentences to indicate the quantity of the subject.

For example:

  1. Many people attended the concert.
  2. Few students passed the exam.
  3. Some birds flew across the sky.
  4. Do you have any spare change?
  5. Several cars were parked in the driveway.
  6. There was enough food for everyone.
  7. Little progress was made in the project.
  8. Much time was wasted in the traffic.

Adjectives of quantity can be used with countable and uncountable nouns.

Demonstrative adjectives

Demonstrative adjectives are adjectives that are used to point out or indicate the noun or pronoun they are modifying.

Examples of demonstrative adjectives are This , That , These , Those etc.

Examples of adjectives –

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