Agriculture and Industries Class 4 Social Science

Agriculture and Industries Class 4 Social Science

Agriculture and Industries Class 4 Social Science question and answers for the students to prepare for their exams.

Fill in the blanks –

  1. ……… is used for making cloth . [ Cotton]
  2. ………… is used for making bags and carpets. [Jute]
  3. ………. is mainly grown in Karnataka Kerala and Tamilnadu. [Coffee]
  4. …………… is the second largest producer of tea in the world. [India]
  5. …………. is made from sugarcane. [Sugar]
  6. The green revolution was launched in the year …… [1960]
  7. The most popular staple food of India is ……..[ rice]
  8. ……………. are generally made in cottage industries. [ Handicraft ]
  9. ………….. is also called the ‘Golden fiber of India’. [Jute]

Agriculture and Industries Class 4 question and Answers

Name one important beverage crop and explain the conditions required for its growth.

The most important beverage crop is tea. It needs a hot and wet climate to grow.


Name the most important food crop of India and the regions where it is produced.

In India, Rice is an important food crop for most people. The majority of the production occurs in West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, and Punjab and chhattisgarh.


Give an overview of the world’s second most important cereal crop and its geographical requirements.

India’s second most important crop is wheat. In the northwestern and northern parts of the country, it is a major food crop. A cool growing season, with strong sunlight is necessary 


Define Cash Crops ?

Cash crops are grown for industrial purposes or for sale in the market. Cash crops include sugarcane, jute, cotton, tea, and coffee. For example, sugarcane can be processed into jaggery and sugar.


What does “industry” mean?

Industry is the process of turning raw materials into finished products.


What are cottage industries ? Give two examples . 

Cottage industries employ a very small number of workers who work with simple tools and normally use locally available raw materials.

Examples – handicraft and pottery etc.


What are small scale industries ? Give two examples. 

The small-scale industries employ more workers who use small machines . 

Examples-furniture and utensils etc . 


What are large scale industries ? Give examples ? 

A large-scale industry employs thousands of skilled workers, uses heavy machines and produces goods in large quantities.

Examples are aircraft, textiles Mills etc . 


Describe agriculture in your own words. What makes India an agricultural country?

Agriculture involves cultivating land. Agribusiness also involves horticulture, livestock rearing, fishing, and forestry. In India, more than two thirds of the population is involved in agriculture. That’s why we can say that India is an agricultural country.


Which are the two agricultural seasons? 

The two main agricultural seasons in India are the kharif season and rabi season.


What is the green revolution?

In India, the green revolution began in the 1960s. the main features of this Revolution are

  • Using better seeds
  • Increasing areas under irrigation.
  • Fertilizing with manure and fertilizers
  • Modern machinery such as tractors and harvesters is used.


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