Class 1 EVS Animals Around Us Questions And Answers

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Animals Kingdom Class 1 Questions and Answers

Animals Around Us Class 1 Questions and Answers by online-shiksha


Fill in the blanks:

  1. Animals that live on firms are called …………animals.
  2. Lions, tigers and wolves are called ………animals.
  3. We must take …………of animals.
  4. Fishes breathe with the help of …….
  5. Animals that live in forest are called …….. animals.
  6.  ………. lives on land as well as in water.


Answers :-

  1. Domestic
  2. Wild
  3. Care
  4. gills.
  5. wild
  6. Frog


Animals Around Us Class 1 Questions and Answers


  • Q – Name animals that live on land.
  • Ans: Lion, Tiger, Elephant, Rhinoceros, Hippopotamus and deer etc.


  • Q – Name animals that live in water?
  • Ans: Fish, Whale, Dolphins, Seahorse and octopus etc.


  • Q – Name the animals which we keep as pets.
  • Ans: The animals which we keep as pet are dog, cat and rabbit.


  • Q – What are wild animals? give example
  • Ans: Animals that live in forests are called wild animals. Examples are lion and tiger.


  • Q – What are domestic animals? Give example.
  • Ans: The animals that can be kept at home or in farm. They are called domestic animals. Example: Cow, goat, etc.


  • Q – What are pet animals? Give example.
  • Ans: Pet animals are animals that are kept only in our homes. Examples are Dog, cat, parrot, etc.


  • Q – Name the animals that live in both land and water.
  • Ans: Crocodile and tortoise.


  • Q – How many legs does an insect have?
  • Ans: An insect has 6 (six) legs.


  • Q – How many types of insects that you can see in your surroundings?
  • Ans: Some insects are bees, beetles, ladybugs, butterfly, mosquito, housefly, grasshopper, ant, etc.


  • Q – How do insects fly?
  • Ans: Wings help an insect to fly.


  • Q – What are reptile? Give examples.
  • Ans: Reptiles are a group of cold-blooded animals with scaled skins that lay eggs. Examples are Snakes, lizards, crocodiles


  • Q – Name the birds that cannot fly?
  • Ans: Ostrich, Emu and Kiwi cannot fly.


  • Q – What do we call a doctor who treat animals?
  • Ans: Animals’ doctors are called veterinarian.


Class 1 Computer Worksheet

Give two examples each of:

  • Wild animals:
  • Ans: (i) Lion (ii) Tiger


  • Water animals:
  • Ans: (i) Fish (ii) Crab


  • Domestic animals:
  • Ans: (i) Cow (ii) Goat


  • Pet animals:
  • Ans: (i) Dog (ii) Cat


  • Birds:
  • Ans: (i) Crow (ii) Parrot


  • Insects:
  • Ans: (i) Housefly (ii) Ant


  • Plant eating animals:
  • Ans: (i) Cow (ii) Horse


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