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Computer Quiz for Kids

Computer Quiz for Class 1 and 2   Computer Online Test for Class 1 and 2 | Basic Computer Knowledge Quiz Online – Computer General Knowledge Quiz Questions and Answers  helpful in various exams like SOF,Silverzone ,Crest & Unicus Olympiad   Which of the following devices has shift and caps lock?     Monitor     Keyboard     […]

Class 1 Computer – Input and Output Devices Worksheet with Answers

Input and Output Devices of Computer   Input and Output Devices of Computer | Input and Output Devices worksheet for grade 1 and 2 students of all boards by Online Shiksha   Fill in the Blanks. The ………… keys are used to type letters of the alphabet The …………. keys are used to type numbers …………. is the longest key on the keyboard ……………. key helps […]

Class 2 Computer – Parts of Computer Worksheet with Answers

Parts of Computer Worksheet Parts of Computer Worksheet Misc. | parts of the computer worksheet for kids for the students of State/CBSE/ICSE students by Online Shiksha. State true or false A computer is not an electronic machine. A computer like other electronic machines can be switched on and off. The shutdown button is present on the monitor The start button […]

Class 1 Computer – Introduction to Computer Worksheet with Answers

Introduction to Computer Class 1   Class 1 Computer Worksheet, quiz questions about computers It’s a basic computer question for students of Grade 1 kids by online-Shiksha. Write True or False   1.Computers are very fast , compared to humans .______________True 2. Computer never made mistakes while calculations. ________True 3. Computer can do only one […]

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