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Food we eat for class 2

Chapter 1 – Food we eat for class 2 Food we eat for class 2 chapter question and answers ,Worksheet on our food for Class 2 ,Class 2 EVS Our Food Question answer…………….  Fill in the blanks.   We have ……….. In the morning. [Breakfast /lunch] We have ………. In the afternoon. [Breakfast /lunch] We… Read More »

Maths Olympiad class 2 sample papers -Mock Test Set

Maths Olympiad class 2 sample papers Maths Olympiad class 2 sample papers – Online Shiksha provides free online mock tests/worksheets for class 2 these free online math test / quiz will improve your math skills as well as also helpful in various competitive exams like international mathematics Olympiad [IMO], International olympiad of mathematics [iOM] ,NSTSE… Read More »

Class 2 Addition Worksheet

Class 2 Addition Worksheet for Kids Class 2 Addition Worksheet with Questions of Simple Addition and Word problems for Kids of  Class 2. When we put things together we do addition . Plus [ + ] is the sign used for addition. Add the following 24 + 29 = ………….. Answer =  53 20 + 23… Read More »

IMO Sample Papers for Class 2 – Question Bank

IMO Sample Paper for Class 2 IMO Sample Papers for class 2 – This a Question Bank consists of more than 100+ math olympiad 2nd grade questions ,but in every attempt only 15 questions will be presented in front of kids . kids can solve this test and check their score at the end of… Read More »

IEO class 2 Mock Test – 1

IEO class 2 mock test ieo class 2 mock test-One word substitution quiz for Grade 2 kids , one word quiz for International English Olymmpiad IEO Read More :- 8 parts of speech one word substitution quiz