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Class 2 Computer – Parts of Computer

Class 2 Parts of Computer   Class 2 Parts of Computer include the monitor, cabinet, CPU, keyboard, and mouse. These components perform different functions, such as processing data, displaying information, and inputting data into the computer system.   Which part of the computer is responsible for processing data? A) Monitor B) Keyboard C) CPU D) […]

Computer A Smart Machine for Class 2

Computer A Smart Machine for Class 2   Class 2 Computer is a smart machine that can perform various tasks with speed and accuracy, making it a valuable tool for learning and work. Computer A Smart Machine MCQ   Which of the following is an advantage of using a computer? A) It always makes mistakes […]

Class 2 Computer – Uses of Computer Question Answer

Computer for Class 2 – Uses of Computer Fill in the blanks:   At ……………….., computers are used to book and cancel tickets. [airport/restaurant] Where can computers be used to deposit and withdraw money? [bank/hotel] A doctor uses a computer to do _______. [research diseases/play games At home, people use computers to ______________. listen music/making […]

Class 2 Computer – Ms Paint Questions and Answers

Ms. Paint Questions and Answers for Class 2 Ms Paint Questions and Answers | Computer Worksheet for all the students to prepare for their final exams and competitions.   Fill in the blanks: The drawing area is also called the ……[canvas] To close the paint program, we can also use the ………… button.[cross] The extension […]

Class 2 Computer – Types of Computer

Computer Worksheet on Types of Computer What is Computer and Types of Computer – Notes / Points for Students On Computers A Computer Is a Machine Made by Humans. Although Computers Help Us in Many Ways, They Cannot Work by Themselves. Difference Between Computers and Humans The Human Brain Is Not Very Good at Storing Information, […]

Class 2 Computer – Parts of Computer Worksheet with Answers

Parts of Computer Worksheet Parts of Computer Worksheet Misc. | parts of the computer worksheet for kids for the students of State/CBSE/ICSE students by Online Shiksha. State true or false A computer is not an electronic machine. A computer like other electronic machines can be switched on and off. The shutdown button is present on the monitor The start button […]

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