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The Northern Plains Class 4 Questions and Answers

The Northern Plains of India – Class 4 The Northern Plains Class 4 Questions and Answers | The Northern Plains Class 4 Worksheets |  by Online Shiksha   How many rivers flow through northern plains? Many rivers such as Ganga, Brahmaputra, Indus and Satluj flows through these plains.   What is the other name of Northern Plain ? Indo-Gangetic Plain   Which soil is very fertile? Alluvial […]

The Southern Plateau Class 4 Question Answer

The Southern Plateau Class 4 Question Answer The Southern Plateau Class 4 Question Answer Grade 4 Social Science Solution | southern plateau for class 4 students of all boards……….   Q – How many states are covered by the southern plateau? It covers a portion of Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Jharkhand ,Bihar, Chhattisgarh Orissa, Maharashtra, Karnataka ,Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and Tamilnadu.   Q – How many parts are there in the […]

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