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Convert Rupees into Paise Worksheets-Money Conversion

Convert rupees into paise worksheets with answers convert rupees into paise worksheets with answers,convert rupees to paise worksheets ,how to convert rupees into paise,how to convert paise   Conversion of Rupees into Paise Rule – To convert Paise into rupees ,multiply the number of rupees with 100.   100 Rupees into Paise We Know That […]

Class – 5 Profit and Loss Problems for Class 5

Profit and Loss in Mathematics The price paid to the supplier or wholesale supplier by a shopkeeper is called the cost price, which includes all costs, such as transport repair work, etc. The price at which the shopkeeper sells his products is called the selling price. To calculate profit, we have to put the selling price higher than the cost price and to calculate the profit. Formulae to calculate profit:- Profit = Selling price – cost price If the cost price is higher than the selling price this means that you have a […]

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