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Basic Computer Knowledge – Quiz 1

Basic Computer Knowledge – Quiz 1 Basic computer knowledge – computer basic knowledge is helpful in various exams like SOF,Silverzone ,Crest & Unicus Olympiad     Also Check :- For Olympiad Previous Year Papers-Click here  

Basic Computer Question Answer – Quiz

Basic Computer Question Answer Basic Computer Question Answer , Test your knowledge of computer basics by taking our quiz ………………………… What is the full form of DOS? Disk Operating System None of the above Dual Operating System Direct Operating System Correct Answer – Disk Operating System What is the full form of CAD? Compact Added… Read More »

General Knowledge Quiz for Kids under 10

General knowledge trivia – part 1 ,this quiz consists of various questions for kids for the preparation of olympiad exam like igko etc. Important National Days celebrated in India – click here GK General Knowledge Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams –click here

General Knowledge for kids -IGKO Set A

General knowledge for kids of 4 to 10 year old kids.These simple questions for kids will helps to increase their General Knowledge National Sports Day celebrated on…………………..? 29 April 29 September 29 August 29 December Correct Answer is – 29 August Which of the following is a dwarf planet ? Pluto Jupiter saturn None Correct… Read More »