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General Knowledge Quiz for Kids under 10

General knowledge trivia – part 1 ,this quiz consists of various questions for kids for the preparation of olympiad exam like igko etc. Important National Days celebrated in India – click here GK General Knowledge Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams –click here

General Knowledge for kids -IGKO Set A

General knowledge for kids of 4 to 10 year old kids.These simple questions for kids will helps to increase their General Knowledge National Sports Day celebrated on…………………..? 29 April 29 September 29 August 29 December Correct Answer is – 29 August Which of the following is a dwarf planet ? Pluto Jupiter saturn None Correct… Read More »

General Knowledge for kids -IGKO Set B

General Knowledge Quiz questions with answers, Learn GK with these common general knowledge questions and answers . Test Yourself…………. With which dance forms is Birju Maharaj associated ? Kathak. International Women’s Day celebrated on which date………. 8th march What is the full form of GPS a satellite navigation system ? Global Positioning System Layer which… Read More »