CG Board Class 6 Science Waste And Its Management

CG Board Class 6 Science Waste And Its Management Notes / Textbook Exercises / Question Answers as well as Additional Question Answers from the Chapter.

Garbage Disposal:
Garbage from homes, factories, hotels, markets, and hospitals is usually thrown at dumping areas.
Negligence in garbage disposal leads to piles of garbage and environmental pollution.
During monsoons, garbage can contaminate water, leading to health issues like diarrhea, jaundice, and skin diseases.

Types of Garbage:
Garbage consists of biodegradable (easily decomposable) and non-biodegradable materials.
Biodegradable waste can be turned into compost manure, while non-biodegradable waste poses environmental problems.

Waste Management:
Wet and perishable waste like food scraps and leaves can be turned into compost manure.
Using natural manure in fields is encouraged for soil health.
Dry waste like paper and aluminum can be recycled, reducing the need for new production.
Reducing plastic use is crucial due to its harmful environmental effects.

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