CG Board Class 7 History Life in Mughal Times

CG Board Class 7 History Life in Mughal Times Textbook Exercises which includes Fill in the blanks, Question Answers and Extra Question and Answers from the Chapter.

Fill in the blanks –

  1. During the Mughal period, the emperor was the supreme head of the government.
  2. The Kalchuris ruled Chhattisgarh during the Mughal period.
  3. Agriculture was the main occupation of people during the Mughal period.
  4. Shah Jahan built the Red Fort at Delhi.

Answer the following questions:


Q: Which trades developed during the 17  century?
Trades that developed during the 17th century included the textile industry, with famous products like muslin cloth, zari work, and cotton.


Q: The use of flowing water was the specialty of which period?
The use of flowing water in gardens and fountains was a specialty of the Mughal period.


Q: Where was the capital of Akbar’s empire situated?
The capital of Akbar’s empire was situated at Fatehpur Sikri.


Q: In which period was white marble used?
White marble was used in architecture during Shah Jahan’s period.


Q: Name the place where the emperor held personal discussions.
The emperor held personal discussions in the Diwan-e-Khas.


Q: Where is the famous Shalimar Garden situated?
The famous Shalimar Garden is situated in Lahore.


Q: Into which classes was society divided during the Mughal period?
Society during the Mughal period was divided into classes, including the emperor, amirs, middle class, zamindars, and peasants.


Q: What clothes did people wear during the Mughal period?
People in the Mughal period wore clothing that was similar for both Hindu and Muslim men, with variations between urban and rural areas.


Q: What trades were people engaged in during the Mughal period?
People were engaged in various trades during the Mughal period, including agriculture, textile production, and trade with foreign countries.

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