GSEB Class 7 Chapter 16 State Government

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Chapter 16 State Government


Fill in the blanks

[1] The number of members in the Gujarat legislative assembly is ……….[182]

[2] The upper house of the state legislature is called…………

[3] The name of the legislative assembly building of Gujarat is………..[Vitthal Bhai Patel-Vidhan Sabha Bhawan]

[4] Assembly elections are held every…. years. [5]

[5] There is a ……….scheme in Gujarat for the patient to get immediate service.


State whether the following statements are true or false

[1] Mukhyamantri amrutam yojana is run by the central government. [False]

[2] The state of Delhi is national capital region[NCR].[False] [Delhi is NCT]

[3] The legislative assembly is also called lower house. [True]

[4] Uttar Pradesh has a legislative council. [True]

[5] The legislative assembly is a permanent house.[False]


Answer the following questions in one or 2 lines each:

[Q] When does the bill become an act?

On getting approval of the governor, the bill becomes an act.


[Q] Mention the organs of the state government.

Main organs of the state government are legislature, executive and the judiciary.


[Q] Who appoints the chief minister?

The governor appoints the chief minister.


[Q] Through whom are questions asked in the assembly?

Legislator can ask questions and concerned minister of that department answers the asked questions.


[Q] Who takes care of the state when there is presidential rule in the state?

The Union government can take direct control of the state.



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