Journey From Primitive man to Settled Life Class 6 GSEB

Chapter -2 – Journey From Primitive man to Settled Life


Chapter -2 – Journey From Primitive man to Settled Life solutions by online-shiksha

How was primitive man’s life ?

  • Nomadic life
  • Settled life
  • Urban settlement life
  • Rural settlement life

Correct Answer – Nomadic Life

Which weapon was not used by primitive man to hunt animals ?

  • Gun
  • Stone weapon
  • Weapons made of bones
  • Wooden weapons

Correct Answer – Gun

In which state is Bhimbetka situated ?

  • Madhya Pradesh
  • Gujarat
  • Bihar
  • Uttar Pradesh

Correct Answer – Madhya Pradesh

Which activities were not started by primitive man ?

  • Farming
  • Cattle rearing
  • Grain storage
  • Industries

Correct Answer – Industries

Answer the following questions :-


Q – Why did the need for settled life arise ?

Ans – Man began to develop better tools, raise food crops, and domesticate animals during the Neolithic Age. This period is notable for the development of agriculture, beautiful pottery, and the invention of the wheel. Man became a food producer and established a stable life.


Q – Use of fire ,brought about which type of changes in human life ?

Ans – Fire had changed their lives since it helped them to cook and eat meat, get light, and protect themselves from wild animals.


Q – Which type of crops were grown by primitive man ?

Ans – Wheat ,Barley , Rice , Lentil ,Bajra are the main crops grown by primitive man .


Q – Which animals were reared by primitive man ?

Ans – Dogs, Sheep, Goats, Buffalo, and Bulls were raised by primitive men.


State true or false

  1. Primitive man started rearing violent animals, with the beginning of settled life .
  2. Stone implements were used in stone age.
  3. Primitive man has drawn pictures of lion and tiger in Bhimbetka.
  4. Natural colour have been used in caves of Bhimbetka too draw pictures.

Answers – 





Some Extra Questions :-

Who was the first companion of the settled life of human being?

Ans – DOG

What is the other name of Primitive man ?

Primitive man is also known as Hunters and gatherers

What place in Madhya Pradesh was inhabited by primitive man?


Primitive man used which type of caves to protect himself from rain and wild animals?

Natural caves


In what way did the historians discover that primitive man was familiar with fire?

The remains of ashes


What place in south India did historians find ash remains ?



What was the first discovery that changed the lives of primitive people?


How does a primitive man cover his body?

Primitive man used bark of tree and skin of animals to cover their body .


Can you tell me how primitive man stored grains?

Primitive man started making earthen pots to store the grains.


The primitive man wandered from one location to another .Give Reason

Primitive man wandered from one location to another in search of food.


What kind of weapons did primitive man use?

Primitive man used the weapons made up of stone, wood and bones.


What is stone age ?

Primitive man used to cut vegetation and scrape the skin of animals in the stone age. This time is also called Paleolithic age.


Primitive man preferred to stay in which type of places?

They preferred to stay in good and large places where stones, wood and water were found.


How many paintings have been found in Bhimbetka ?

Almost 500 painting made by primitive man found in Bhimbetka.



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