Chapter 3 Properties of Natural Resources

Chapter 3 Properties of Natural Resources

Chapter 3 Properties of Natural Resources | Maharashtra Board Class 7 Science | properties of natural resources class 7th questions and answers.


Fill in the blanks:

  1. Air is a mixture of gases it has mass and weight
  2. Atmospheric Pressure can be measured with the help of a barometer.
  3. sandy soil are made of the mineral called silicon dioxide
  4. Silt soil is also called sedimentary soil.


  1. Mass & weight
  2. Barometer
  3. Silicon dioxide
  4. Silt


Answer the following questions:


[Que] Which are the gases present in the air? Why is air called a Homogeneous mixture?

The gases present in the air are oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, it is called a homogenous mixture because along with gases water vapor and dust particles are also present in the air.


[Que] What is atmospheric pressure?

Molecules of gases in the air are in constant motion when these molecules collide with a body, they exert their pressure on that body, this is called air pressure, which we also call ‘atmospheric pressure. Atmospheric pressure is the same in all the directions


[Que] What is Scattering of Light?

In the air, there are fine particles of gases, dust, smoke, and moisture. If light falls on these particles, the particles scatter the light in all directions. This is called the scattering of light.

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