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Chhattisgarh Board Class 7 Science Chapter 2 Solution

Chhattisgarh Board Class 7 Science Chapter 2 Solution


CG Board Class 7  Science Water


  1. Choose the correct answer –


a) Ice floats on the surface of water because –

(i)      density of ice is more than water.       (ii)     density of ice is equal to water.

(iii)    density of ice is less than water. (iv)    air bubbles are found in ice.


b) Ratio of hydrogen and oxygen in water is 2:1 –

(i)      as per weight         (ii)     as per volume

(iii)    as per density        (iv)    as per weight and volume both


c) Water cycle is a —

(i)      process of evaporation    (ii)     process of condensation

(iii)    process of evaporation and condensation (iv) process of melting


d) Distilled water is the closest to —

(i)      sea water     (ii)     rain water

(iii)    ground water        (iv)    tap water



  1. Fill in the blanks –

a) Water is a………….. [ universal]

b) …………… gas is more soluble in water than gas.[ Carbon dioxide]

c) Hardness in water is due to ………… and salts dissolved in it.[calcium and agnesium]

d) Distilled water is a ………conductor of electricity.[poor]

e) ………gas obtained by electrolysis of water produces a ‘pop’ sound on burning.[ Hydrogen]


  1. Identify true and false statements and rewrite the false statement after correcting them.

a) Bleaching powder is used to make water bacteria free.[T]

b) Distilled water is suitable for drinking.[F]

c) Solubility of gases in water increases with temperature.[F]

d) Density of ice is more than the density of water.[F]

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