Class 3 A Day at the swamp Question Answer

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Class 3 A Day at the swamp Question Answer


A Day at the swamp Class 3 Question Answer | New Pathway Class 3 English | question and answers for all the students of cbse / icse board

  • Book – New pathway Class 3 English
  • Writer – Mala Palani
  • Subject – English
  • Board – CBSE or ICSE

Reading 1

[Q-1] Who wanted to play Hide and Seek why was It impossible?

[Ans] Danny wanted to play hide and seek with them, but they were much larger than the trees, so they couldn’t hide .


[Q-2] What was the difference between the way the three big Dinosaurs moved and the way that Terry the tyrannosaurs moved?

[Ans] The three Dinosaurs were too heavy to run away; they moved like elephants with their massive legs. Terry was twice as small as compared to three cousins. He ran like a kangaroo and leapt as fast as on his strong back legs.


[Q-3] Read this line from the story and mark the following sentences as true or false

But Belinda was not as tall as her cousins Danny, the diplodocus who stood almost 90 feet high or Ben the brontosaurus who was even taller.

  • Belinda was the tallest
  • Danny was the tallest
  • Ben was the tallest 


[Q-4] Mark the following sentences is true or false

  1. Belinda was an herbivore [Plant eating] – True
  2. Terry was a carnivore [meat-eating] – True
  3. Terry could not run as fast as the other three dinosaurs. – False
  4. As the three cousins where busy playing they forgot to return home. – True
  5. Terry could swim. – False


Reading 2


[Q-1] Why do you think the dinosaurs never played just outside the swamp again?

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