Class 3 Clothes we wear Que Ans

Class 3 Clothes we wear Que Ans


Class 3
Clothes we wear Que Ans | Grade 3 Social Science Question Answers | for all the students of CBSE / ICSE / State Board examination…..

Answer the following questions:-


Different parts of our country wear different types of clothes. why?

In different parts of India, people dress differently. The clothes that people wear are largely influenced by the climate of the place they live in. Clothing also changes according to the season.


In India, what is the most common piece of clothing for women?

The sari is the most common type of clothing in India.


What is the traditional dress of men in Rajasthan and Gujarat?

In Rajasthan, the men wear a dhoti or pajama as the lower garment and an angrakha as the upper garment, while in Gujarat they wear a short frilled white angrakha over a white pajama or dhoti and a jacket.


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