Class 3 The earth in the Universe Solutions

Class 3 The earth in the Universe Solutions

Class 3 The earth in the Universe Solutions | Grade 3 Social Science Question Answers | for all the students of CBSE / ICSE Board Exams……

What is universe Question and Answers :-


Fill in the blanks:

The ………. revolves around the earth.[moon]

A …………. is a group of stars.[constellation]

The …………. is the earth’s natural satellite.[moon]

The sun is a …………..[star]

The moon receives its light from the ………….[sun]

The ………….. planet from the sun is Earth.[third]

Answer the following question:

Que – What does the universe consist of?

Ans: The universe consists of heavenly bodies like stars, planets, and the moon.

Que – Planets do not have their own heat or light. Then how do they shine with a steady light when seen from earth?

Planets do not have their own heat or light. The heat and light they receive come from the star they orbit.

Que – Why can’t we see the stars during the day?

During the day, we cannot see the stars because the sun’s light is too bright.

Que – What is a star? Why do they look so small?

Stars are huge balls of burning gas. They emit their own light and heat. The stars are much larger than the sun, but they appear small because they are so far away.

Que – Describe the solar system.

The solar system consists of the Sun, eight planets and their satellites, asteroids and other celestial bodies. Sun lies at the center of the solar system. The eight planets in the order from the sun are Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. All the planets revolve around the sun.

Que – Why the sun is important?

Ans- The sun is important because it gives us heat and light and plants also make food with the help of sunlight.


Que – The sun and moon appear to be of the same size as the earth why?

Ans- The sun and the moon appear to be of the same size because the moon is much smaller than the sun it looks big because it is much closer to the earth than the sun.


Que – Who were the first people to land on the moon?

Ans- Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin were the first people to land on the moon.


Que – What is a star

Ans- The stars are huge heavenly bodies, they are big balls of gases that have their own heat and light.


Que – What are constellations and write the names of two constellations?

Ans- Some stars appear to form patterns in the sky these patterns look like figures of animal peoples and things such patterns are called a constitution. Names of the constellation – Great Bear & The Hunter.

Que – Define sun

Ans- Sun is the center of our solar system, all the planets move around the sun it is a huge ball of hot gases it is many times because bigger than the earth. Sun gives us heat and light. The energy obtained from the sun is called solar energy, this energy is used to cook food, and lit street lights at night.


Que – Define moon

Ans- The moon is round like a sun, the moon is much smaller than the sun. Moon’s surface has many big holes called craters. The moon moves around the earth it is also the earth’s natural satellite. the moon does not have its own light because there is no air on the moon so life does not exist there


Que – Why does life exist on earth?

Ans- Life exists on earth because it has air water and the right temperature needed by the living things to survive.

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