Class 3 Tooth Trouble Question and Answers

Class 3 Tooth Trouble Question and Answers


Tooth Trouble Class 3 Question Answer | New Pathway Class 3 English | question and answers for all the students of cbse / icse board


  • Book – New pathway Class 3 English
  • Writer – Mala Palani
  • Subject – English
  • Board – CBSE or ICSE


Reading 1


To which club did Pushkin not have membership? why?

All members of the Gap Club had at least one tooth missing and a gap in its place, so Pushkin was not a member.


According to jatin, why had he challenged the fourth graders to a match?

A match had been scheduled between Jatin and the fourth graders because they had called him and his friends babies, and Jatin wanted to show that he and his friends were not babies. 


What were the Pushkin team’s problems with meeting the challenge?

There was no football on the Pushkin team to practice.


Why did the boys think that Jatin had turned into a cow?

Jatin pronounced ‘move’ in a muffled voice that sounded like ‘moo’s’ to the boys. They thought he was a cow.


Who said the following statements? when did they say it? Why did they say it?

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