Class 4 – Animal life Q & A

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Animal life

Answer the following questi ons

Question: How do birds reproduce?

Answer: Birds reproduce by laying eggs

Question: What is incubation?

Answer: Some animal sit on egg to keep the eggs warm this process is called incubation.

Question: What is eggshell?

Answer: An egg has a thin protective covering called action

Question: Name the animals that lay eggs

Answer: Fish lizard crocodile snake butterfly mosquito

Question: What is hatching? 

Answer: When the egg develop into a check then the check break the egg shell to come out this process is called hatching

Question: What is metamorphosis?

Answer: Metamorphosis is a process in which the animals changes from young form to adult form through various stages.

Question: What is molting?

Answer: The process of removing/ shedding of old skin are called molting.

Question: Name the animals that give birth to babies

Answer: Deer dolphin lion dog cat deer cow

Question: Name the mammals that live in water

Answer: Whales and dolphins

Question: How do whales and dolphins breathe?

Answer: Whales and dolphins are aquatic animals but they also breathe through lungs they take air through blow holes present on the top of their head.

Question: What does an egg yolk contain?

Answer: Egg yolk contains food for the embryo.

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