Class 4 Defeat of Internal Enemies

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Class 4 Defeat of Internal Enemies


Class 4 Defeat of Internal Enemies – For students of Maharashtra Board Class 4 EVS Semester 2 to prepare for their exams, we have made a detailed study guide which includes Exercises Question Answers and Extra Question Answers which have been made by the chapter.

 Find out the wrong pair.

(a) Phaltan – Nimbalkar

(b) Javali – Morey

(c) Supe – Jadhav

Write the answer in one sentence.

Que – What title was conferred by Adilshah upon the Moreys of Javali ?

Ans – Moreys of Javali were granted the title of “Chandrarao” by Adilshah.


Que – Why was the conquest of Javali a very important landmark ?

Ans – The conquest of Javali was a very important landmark. This doubled the boundaries of Swaraj under Shivaji. Yeshwantrao’s army, too, joined the forces of Shivaji. The strong Rairi fort became a part of Swaraj.


Write the answers in two or three sentences.


Que – Why did no one cross Morey’s path ?

Ans – This Jagir extended from Raigad to Koyna Valley. Javali was covered with such lush forest that the sun’s rays barely penetrated it even in broad daylight. There were tigers, wolves, and bears roaming freely in Morey’s Javali forest, so no one crossed Morey’s path.


Que – What note did Shivaji send to Yeshwantrao Morey ?

Ans – Shivaji sent a stiff note to Yeshwantrao Morey, “You call yourself the Raja.But I am the Raja of this territory. This Kingdom is Lord Shiva’s gift to me. So do not call yourself the Raja.”

Additional questions answers.


  1. Daulatrao Morey died in ………..[1645]
  2. Javali was protected by ………..fort. [Rairi]


Que – What is the name of fort built on bhorpya hill?

Ans – Pratapgad



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