Class 4 EVS Work of the Saints

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Class 4 EVS Work of the Saints

Class 4 EVS Work of the Saints – Class 4 EVS Maharashtra Board Solutions for the students of MSBSHSE

 Fill in the blanks :

 (a) Sant Namdeo was a great devotee of ………. .

(b) At a very early age, at ………. Near Pune,Dnyaneshwar took ‘Samadhi’.

(c) Sant Tukaram drowned in the river ………., all the record of loan papers he


(d) To popularise the worship of strength,Samarth Ramdas raised the temples of

………. .


  1. Vitthal
  2. Alandi
  3. Indrayani
  4. Hanuman

Write the answer in one sentence.

 (a) What discrimination did Shri Chakradhar Swami not believe ?

He did not believe in any discrimination based on gender or caste. So, several men and women became his followers. The sect he established is known as ‘Mahanubhav’sect.


(b) What desire did Sant Namdeo instil among the people ?

Sant namdeo moved all over Maharashtra to spread Bhagwat dharma and taught the people deep devotion to God.


(c) What advice was rendered by Sant Eknath ?

Sant Eknath advice to the people was not to accept any distinction of

High and low. He made friends with the poor and the downtrodden and

Taught them devotion to God.


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