Class 4 Input and Output Devices Question Answers

Class 4 Input and Output Devices Question Answers

Class 4 Input and Output Devices Question Answers | Class 4 Computer Question Answers | for the students to prepare for their exams……….

Fill in the blanks: –

  1. …………. is a pattern of parallel lines of varying width printed on various products.
  2. …………. project images (or moving images) onto a large projection screen.
  3. Data printed in MICR typeface are recognized by …………. technology.
  4. A …………. device recognizes users by their fingerprints, faces, or voices.


Answers: –

  1. Barcodes
  2. Projector
  3. MICR
  4. Biometric


Answer in one word-


By simply touching the screen, you can select options on the computer

Ans- Touchscreen


A device that uses one or more automated pens to draw on paper.

Ans -Plotter


A device used to control industrial robots and play computer games.

Ans- Joystick


Which device is used to project images onto a large area

Ans – Projector



Answer the following question: –


What is a scanner?

Information printed on paper or other media can be scanned using a scanner. To process the scanned information, the information is transferred to a computer’s hard drive. This is done by scanning the data with a light beam. There are different kinds of scanners.


Define the types of scanners?

Flatbed scanner: 

The flatbed scanner occupies some desk space. Due to its flexible cover, it can scan large items such as books, as well as standard (A4) sized documents. It can be used to scan the newspaper, book chapters, or photographs.

Handheld scanner: 

Handheld scanners are moved over the information to be scanned. It is much smaller and less expensive than a flatbed scanner. 


Define Impact Printer?

The paper comes into contact with an impact printer. An inked ribbon is usually pressed against the paper using a hammer or pins to form the print image. Example dot matrix printer


Define Non-Impact Printer? 

A non-impact printer does not use a striking device to hammer against the paper to produce characters. Example inkjet and LaserJet printer.


Write Full Forms of the following.


OCR – Optical Character Recognition

OMR- Optical Mark Recognition

ALU – Arithmetic and logical unit

CU – Control Unit



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