Class 4 Input and Output Devices Question Answers

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Class 4 Input and Output Devices Question Answers

Class 4 Input and Output Devices Question Answers | Class 4 Computer Question Answers | for the students to prepare for their exams……….

Fill in the blanks: –

  1. …………. is a pattern of parallel lines of varying width printed on various products.
  2. …………. project images (or moving images) onto a large projection screen.
  3. Data printed in MICR typeface are recognized by …………. technology.
  4. A …………. device recognizes users by their fingerprints, faces, or voices.


Answers: –

  1. Barcodes
  2. Projector
  3. MICR
  4. Biometric


Answer in one word-


By simply touching the screen, you can select options on the computer

Ans- Touchscreen


A device that uses one or more automated pens to draw on paper.

Ans -Plotter


A device used to control industrial robots and play computer games.

Ans- Joystick


Which device is used to project images onto a large area

Ans – Projector



Answer the following question: –


What is a scanner?

Information printed on paper or other media can be scanned using a scanner. To process the scanned information, the information is transferred to a computer’s hard drive. This is done by scanning the data with a light beam. There are different kinds of scanners.

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