Maths Olympiad Online Test for Class 4 – Question Bank

Maths Olympiad Online Test for Class 4


This Class 4 Maths Olympiad Mock Test is topic-based and has a question bank. We have done our best to ensure that in this test, we cover all of the Olympiad-related topics, so that children do not face any difficulties while preparing for this exam.


1. On holidays shanaya studies for 2 hours and 30 minutes and watches TV for 3 hours and 40 minutes how much time is spent on both activities?


2. Amit shared ₹4500 equally among three of his friends. How much amount did each friend get?


3. There were 160 balls in a box. 50 of the balls were red. There were 5 more red balls than green balls. The rest of the balls were blue. How many blue balls were there?


4. The total time for a cricket match was to be 8 hours 30 minutes but it rained for two hours and 20 minutes for how much time was the game played?


5. Manya can only pack 16 apples into a box. If there are 560 apples to be packed, how many boxes of apples will be there.


6. In a garden, one-sixth of tress is Ashoka trees, find the number of Ashoka trees if the total number of trees in the garden is 36?


7. A Luxury bus cost rupees 959990, Raman paid rupees 432200 to the vendor. how much balance was left?


8. A crate of eggs has 30 eggs. If one-fifth of them are rotten, how many eggs are got to eat?


9. Manisha works 5 hours 45 minutes each day. How long will she work in 6 days?


10. Shanaya works 6 hours 30 minutes each day. How long will she work in 5 days?


11. How many hundreds are there in 43500?


12. A train leaves Delhi at 11:00 a.m. and reaches Ambala at 2:20 p.m. How long is the journey?


13. A shopping mall closes at 10.30 pm . its operating hours is 10 hours and 45 minutes. What time does the shopping mall open ?


14. Shanaya spend a total of 5 hours 50 minutes on studies and work out if she worked out for 2 hours and 30 minutes how much she give for studies?


15. On Friday, 6759 people watched the football match. On Saturday, the attendance was 8513 and on Sunday, the attendance was 9876. How many people in all watched the match on three days?


16. Bhomik wakes up at 6.15 pm ,takes 45 minutes to get dressed ,12 minutes to eat breakfast and 20 minutes to reach school .at what time does he reach the school?


17. What number am I? l I am a two digit even number. l I am a common multiple of 6 and 9. l I have a total of 8 factors.


18. 3/4 is a ……….. fraction.


19. Two houses were sold, one for rupees 585615 and other for rupees 698525, what is the total cost of both the two houses?


20. Shivam mixed 5L of litchi juice and 3L of guava juice and poured the mixture equally into 25 glasses. How much quantity of juice does each glass has?



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