Maths Olympiad Online Test for Class 4 – Question Bank

Maths Olympiad Online Test for Class 4


This Class 4 Maths Olympiad Mock Test is topic-based and has a question bank. We have done our best to ensure that in this test, we cover all of the Olympiad-related topics, so that children do not face any difficulties while preparing for this exam.


1. Manya earns Rs. 22,098 in a month. Every month she spends Rs. 18,026 and saves the rest.How much will she save in 3 years?


2. Sneha has 4 m 30 cm of cloth. If she needs only 2 m 70 cm of cloth to make a dress,then how much cloth will remain after making the dress?


3. Two houses were sold, one for rupees 585615 and other for rupees 698525, what is the total cost of both the two houses?


4. The total journey time by air from Bombay to New York is 23 hours 40 minutes ,in between there is a 7 hours 50 minutes halt at Tokyo how much is the flying time?


5. What number am I? l I am a two digit even number. l I am a common multiple of 6 and 9. l I have a total of 8 factors.


6. Sanchi takes 24 mins 25 sec to draw 15 rectangular designs. How long does she take to draw 30 rectangular designs if all are drawn in equal period of time?


7. There were 160 balls in a box. 50 of the balls were red. There were 5 more red balls than green balls. The rest of the balls were blue. How many blue balls were there?


8. A crate of eggs has 30 eggs. If one-fifth of them are rotten, how many eggs are got to eat?


9. The common factors of 40 and 96 which are also multiples of 4 are ______.


10. dentify the unlike fractions from the following:

2/5 , 2/7, 1/6, 3/7, 5/7


11. How many hundreds are there in 43500?


12. A recipe needs 800 grams of sugar. If Veena wants to make only half the quantity, how much sugar will she use?


13. Anju had 20 pens. She gives one fourth of them to her brother. How many pens did she give to her brother?


14. Number of people who visited the Science museum on Monday and Tuesday were 3,452 and 5,321 respectively. How many more people visited the museum on Tuesday than Monday?


15. Amit shared ₹4500 equally among three of his friends. How much amount did each friend get?


16. My mother gave me 18 chocolates. I distributed two-thirds among my friends. How many chocolates did I contribute?


17. Shanaya started doing her homework at 15:44. She completed her homework at 20:12.How long did she take to complete her homework?


18. The total time for a cricket match was to be 8 hours 30 minutes but it rained for two hours and 20 minutes for how much time was the game played?


19. Shanaya works 6 hours 30 minutes each day. How long will she work in 5 days?


20. Two cars were sold one for rupees 185625 and other for rupees 193250. What is the total cost of two cars?


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