Class 4 Pollution Que and Ans

Class 4 Pollution Que and Ans

Class 4 Pollution Que and Ans for CBSE / NCERT / ICSE Board students.

Answer the following questions in Short:

What is pollution?

Ans: Pollution is the unwanted change of air, water or soil that degrades the quality of the environment.

Define pollutants.

Ans: Pollutants are substances that pollute air, water, and land.

How many types of pollutions are there?

Ans: There are mainly  4 types of pollution

  • Land pollution
  • Soil pollution
  • Air pollution
  • Sound pollution

What is land pollution?

Ans: Land pollution refers to the mixing of harmful substances in soil.

Define soil erosion.

Ans: Soil erosion occurs when water from the rain or wind washes away the top soil.

What is water pollution?

Ans: Water pollution is caused by household, industrial, and agricultural wastes.

What is afforestation?

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