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Class 4 Robinhood and John Little

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Class 4 Robinhood and John Little Textbook as well as additional question answers


Answer these questions:


1. Where did Robin Hood go? Why?
Robin Hood went into the forest seeking excitement.


2. Who blocked Robin Hood’s path?
John Little blocked Robin Hood’s path on a narrow bridge.


3. Why did Robin Hood and John Little fight?
Robin Hood and John Little fought to settle a dispute over crossing the bridge.


4. What happened at the end of the fight?
Robin Hood fell into the stream but praised John’s strength.


5. What did the Merry Men say when they heard that John Little had made Robin Hood tumble in the stream?
The Merry Men initially suggested throwing John into the stream, but Robin insisted on respecting his bravery.


6. What did Robin Hood tell John Little at the end of the story?
Robin Hood invited John Little to join his band of Merry Men, and they shook hands, with John becoming a loyal member.


Class 4 Robinhood and John Little Additional Question Answers


Who are the main characters in the play?
Robin Hood, John Little, and the band of Merry Men.


How does Robin Hood propose to settle the dispute with John Little on the bridge?
They decide to have a fair fight on the narrow bridge, each armed with a staff, and the first to fall into the stream below loses.

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