Class 5 Air and Water Question and Answers

Class 5 Air and Water Question and Answers


Fill in the blanks: –

The atmosphere protects us from the sun’s harmful rays

 Fog is a form of _____. Precipitation.

The first layer above the earth’s surface is known as ………… Troposphere

The stratosphere contains an ………layer.[ ozone]

The ……….contains all known living forms.[ biosphere]

There is no outer space without air beyond the ………..[exosphere]

The major gases in the air are ………….&…………[nitrogen and oxygen.]

…………… the process of settling down heavy insoluble contaminants in water.[ Sedimentation]

………………water is utilized in automobile batteries.[ Distilled]


Answer the following questions: –


Why is atmosphere important for us?

The atmosphere protects us from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays.


Why do clothes take longer to dry on a rainy day?

As the temperature is very low on a rainy day, the humidity is high and evaporation is slow, so clothes take longer to dry.


What is purification of water, what are sediments and residue?

Ans. Sedimentation is the process by which heavy insoluble impurities in water settle down. These substances are called sediments. Water is filtered through the use of filter paper to remove insoluble impurities. Insoluble impurities left behind in the filter paper are called the residue.


Name the solid, liquid and gaseous states of water.

Ans. Ice, water and vapour



What is biosphere?

Ans. All life on earth is contained within the biosphere. It consists of three layers: air (atmosphere), water (hydrosphere) and land (lithosphere).


What is evaporation? What factors affect evaporation?

Ans. During the evaporation process, liquid water is changed into gaseous water vapour. Evaporation depends on temperature, surface area, wind speed, and humidity.


How is rain caused?

Ans. Water vapor condenses to form small drops of water. These droplets combine to form clouds. Droplets collide with each other when the wind blows, forming larger drops.


Give some common methods of removing soluble impurities from water.

Ans. Boiling, chlorination, and distillation are common methods used to remove soluble impurities from water


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