Class 5 Evolution of Transport Question Answer

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Class 5 Evolution of Transport Question Answer


Class 5 Evolution of Transport Question Answer | Grade 5 Social Science Question Answers | for the students of CBSE / ICSE boards exams…


Fill in the blanks

  1. After the invention of …………, people began using carts driven by animals.
  2. ……………. is the cheapest mode of transporting goods over long distances?
  3. In order to reduce the distance traveled from Europe to India, ships travel through the ………… Canal.
  4. The invention of the …………. engine led to the replacement of animal-driven carts.
  5. …………. are roads connecting major cities
  6. …………… to …………. was the first train to run in India.
  7. Aeroplanes were first flown by the …………. brothers.
  8. A …………… is an underground railway used for travel within a city.


  1. Wheels
  2. Ship
  3. Suez
  4. Steam
  5. Highways
  6. Thane to Mumbai
  7. Wright
  8. Metro

Answer the following questions:


[Q] After the invention of the wheel, why was it necessary to build better roads?

[A] Initially, people traveled along narrow paths carved out by people and animals. After the wheel was invented, carts became more popular and a need for hard and smooth roads became apparent. A smooth, hard, and better road is needed as vehicles become faster.


[Q] What are the advantages of highways?

[A] Highways have the following benefits:

  • Long distances can be covered by a vehicle traveling very fast.
  • A number of important cities are connected by them.
  • The speed of transport of goods and people is increased as a result.


[Q] What are the three major ports in India?

[A] Mumbai, Chennai, and Cochin are among the major ports.


[Q] What are the benefits of transporting goods by water?
  • [A] The capacity of a ship is greater than that of thousands of trucks and aircraft combined.
  • It is cheaper to transport goods by ship than by road or by air.


[Q] What are the advantages and disadvantages of air travel?

[A] Air travel has the following advantages:

  • It is the fastest mode of transportation
  • Flying is possible anywhere.
  • One of the main disadvantages of air travel is its cost.

Additional extra question answers: –

[Q] Who was Christopher Columbus?

Columbus was an Italian explorer who set out to discover a sea route from Europe to Asia. Instead of sailing eastward, he sailed westward and reached the Bahamas. A new continent was discovered later by him. It was referred to as the “New World.” Columbus is also known as ‘the man who discovered America.’


[Q] When did vasco-da-gama reach India?

[A] Vasco da Gama arrived in India in 1498.


[Q] How do you define Strait of Magellan?

[A] A passage between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, known as the Strait of Magellan, was discovered by Ferdinand Magellan.

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