Class 5 Social Science The Machine Age Question Answers

Class 5 The Machine Age Question Answers


Class 5 The Machine Age Question Answers | The Machine Age Notes for students.

Answer the following questions:


[Q] Which tools are made from iron

Tools such as axes, ploughs, and shovels were made from iron.


[Q] Who invented the steam engine?

James Watt invented the steam engine

[Q] Who made the first railway engine

George Stephenson built the first railway engine.


[Q] What is the Industrial Revolution?

The huge impact due to change from handmade goods to machine made goods is known as the industrial revolution

[Q] What is the meaning of mass production? How it is useful.

The term mass production refers to manufacturing large quantities of goods at a low cost in factories. Mass production allows the manufacture of a large number of articles in a short period of time, and the cost of manufacturing each article is reduced.

[Q] What are the different sources of energy?

Nuclear energy solar energy biogas and wind energy are resources of energy, machines get energy from coal and petroleum and electricity.

[Q] Who developed an engine that was run on petrol?

Gottlieb Daimler

[Q] Who invented engines that run on diesel?

Rudolf Diesel, a German engineer, invented the diesel engine.


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