Spheres of the Earth Solution Class 6 GSEB

Class 6 Spheres of The Earth Solution

Class 6 Spheres of The Earth Solution | Spheres of The Earth Worksheet for all board students


Answer the following questions in one two lines each

What are the main spheres of the earth?

There are four main spheres of the earth are –

Lithosphere , Hydrosphere , Atmosphere and biosphere .


What is meant by lithosphere?

The upper layer of the earth’s surface consists of soil and solid matter. This layer is also composed of rocks and solid matter, hence the name rocks sphere or solid sphere.


What is the Hydrosphere made up of?

A hydrosphere is a space surrounded by water on the surface of the earth. It includes oceans, seas, lakes, ponds, rivers, etc.


Which are the main gases of the atmosphere?

The main gases in the atmosphere are nitrogen, oxygen, argon, carbon dioxide, and ozone.


Who is included in the biosphere?

Biosphere consists of human beings, animals, and vegetation


Fill in the following blanks with correct word:

  1. ………. Sphere consists of mountains plate used and plains
  2. Stretch of atmosphere is up to……… 2 km above the Earth’s surface
  3. ……… Gas is present in maximum proportion in the environment


  1. Litho
  2. 850 to 1000
  3. Nitrogen


Explain whether the following statements are true or false

  1. Existence of oxygen in the environment is up to the height of 150 km – False
  2. The oceans have become our waterways – True
  3. Biosphere consists of variety of life forms – True
  4. Biosphere developed on the earth surface because of water and air. – True
  5. Ozone gas protect living being on earth surface from the ultraviolet rays of the Sun. True


Write short note on :


  • A sphere of various gases surrounding the earth up to a height of 850 to 1000 km .
  • With the naked eye, the atmosphere is not visible because it is a mixture of different gases, water vapors, dust particles, asteroids, salt particles, microorganisms, and even insects. 
  • The atmosphere is a colorless, odorless, tasteless, and transparent atmosphere made up of solid, liquid, and gaseous matter. 
  • One of the major components of the atmosphere is nitrogen, oxygen, and carbon dioxide. The oxygen: carbon dioxide ratio decreases as we move above the Earth’s surface.



  • Water covers a greater area on the earth than land area, known as Hydrosphere.
  • About 71 percent of the earth’s surface is covered by water. 


Importance of lithosphere

  • The lithosphere is important in the following ways. It is the home of mankind, providing it with a place to live and materials for building. 
  • Man uses the water resources to cultivate various crops on the lithosphere to perform industries and other activities, and the minerals obtained from the lithosphere are used in many industries. 


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