Class 6 Water Water Everywhere Semester 1

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Class 6 Water Water Everywhere

Class 6 English Water Water Everywhere | GSEB Class 6 English Solution | for all the students of the Gujarat board

Activity 2


[Que] What does Vijay like to do with water?

Vijay likes to play with water.


[Que] What are the ways Vijay likes to play with water?

Vijay loved filling the tub with water and playing with his toy boat, he also liked making big mud puddles and pretending it was a lake, and splashing his friends with water.


[Que] What advice did his mother give him?

not to waste water.


[Que] Why did Vijay wake up in the middle of the night?

Vijay got up in the night because he heard some sound outside his room due to which he woke up.


[Que] What characters have been mentioned in the story so far?

There have been three characters mentioned in the story so far: Vijay, his mother, and the villagers.


[Que] What did Vijay’s cousin Rajesh say to him?

Rajesh informed Vijay that there is a lot of water shortage here. It hasn’t even rained for years and all the lakes have dried up.


[Que] What would happen if villagers ran out of water?

When villagers run out of water, they must purchase water from someone else, which is expensive.

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