Class 7 Human Environment – Settlement, Transport, and Communication

Class 7 Human Environment – Settlement, Transport, and Communication


Class 7 Human Environment Settlement, Transport, and Communication | Class 7 Geography NCERT Solution | for the students of Class 7 CBSE / ICSE.

Answer the following questions.


Que- What are the four means of transport?

The four means of transport are:

  • Roadways
  • Railways
  • Waterways
  • Airways


Que- What do you understand by the term ‘settlement’?

Settlements are places where people build their homes. Settlements can be permanent or temporary.


Que- Which are the activities practiced by the rural people?

Villagers are typically involved in activities such as agriculture, fishing, forestry, crafts, and trading. 


Que- Mention any two merits of railways.

  • Over long distances, railways provide fast and inexpensive transport for heavy goods and people.
  • The Indian railway network is one of the most developed and largest in Asia.


Que- What do you understand by communication?

Communication is the process of conveying messages to others.


Que- What is mass media?

A large number of people can be reached through newspapers, radio, and television. Hence, they are known as mass media.


Tick the correct answer.


(i) Which is NOT a means of communication?

(a) telephone

(b) books

(c) table


(ii) Which type of road is constructed under the ground?

(a) fly over

(b) expressways

(c) subways


(iii) Which mode of transport is most suitable to reach an island?

(a) ship

(b) train

(c) car


(iv) Which vehicle does not pollute the environment

(c) cycle

(b) bus

(c) airplane


Match the following.

Internet   a means of communication
Canal route   inland waterway
Urban areas    areas where people are engaged in manufacturing, trade, and services
Compact settlement   closely built area of houses

 Give reasons.

(i) Today’s world is shrinking.

Globalization and improvements in communication and transportation have led to the shrinking of the world today. It is also possible to read news from all over the world by sitting at a single location. A faster mode of transportation allows us to travel to any corner of the world in no time. We can talk or get connected with each other in the world via the internet, telephone, etc.


human-environment class 7 notes

The place where a building or a settlement develops is called its site.

The natural conditions for selection of an ideal site are-

  1. favourable climate
  2. availability of water
  3. suitable land
  4. fertile soil

Transport is the means by which people and goods move.

In our country donkeys, mules, bullocks and camels are common.

In the Andes Mountains of South America, llamas are used, as are yaks in Tibet.

Roads built underground are called subways/under paths. Flyovers are built over raised structures.

They are mainly of two types – inland waterways and sea routes

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