Class 8 Coal and Petroleum Extra Question Answers

Class 8 Coal and Petroleum Extra Question Answers


Class 8 Coal and Petroleum Extra Question Answers | Class 8 Science Question Answers | for the students of cbse / icse and all board exams.


Define Inexhaustible Resources.

Inexhaustible resources are those that exist in unlimited quantities in nature and are unlikely to be exhausted by human activities.


Define Exhaustible resources.

Exhaustible natural resources are those resources in nature that exist in limited quantities and can be exhausted by human activities.


What is a fossil?

The fossils are the remains of plants or animals that were buried under the earth millions of years ago.


What is fossil fuel?

Fossil fuels are the natural fuels formed from buried remains of long-dead organisms buried deep within the earth. The dead remains of living organisms (plants and animals) buried under the earth millions of years ago produced fossil fuels.


What is coal and how it is formed?

Coal is a hard, black combustible mineral that consists mainly of Carbon. The decomposition of large land plants and trees resulted in the formation of coal buried under the earth about 300 million years ago.


What are the uses of coal?

Uses of Coal

It is used as a fuel in homes and industry.

It is used as a fuel at Thermal Power Plants for generating electricity.

It is used to make coal gas which is an important industrial fuel.

It is used to make coke.


What are the products of coal?

Coal gas, coal tar, and coke are some products of coal.


How coke is formed?

The process of obtaining coal gas involves strong heating of coal in the absence of air when coal is being processed to obtain a coke.


How coaltar is obtained? and what are its uses?

A thick, black liquid with an unpleasant smell is coal tar obtained by heating coal in the absence of air. the products of coal tar are used to make synthetic fibers, drugs (medicines), plastics, synthetic dyes, perfumes, paints, varnishes, pesticides, photographic materials, roofing materials, explosives, etc.


Define Refining?

Refining is the process of separating crude petroleum oil into more useful fractions.


What are the uses of LPG?

Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) is a good fuel because of its following advantages :

LPG burns easily.

LPG has a high calorific value. Due to this, a given amount of LPG produces a lot of heat.

LPG burns with a smokeless flame and hence does not cause air pollution.

LPG does not produce any poisonous gases on burning.

LPG does not leave behind any solid residue on burning.


What is CNG?

The majority of natural gas is composed of methane, with a small amount of ethane and propane. When natural gas is compressed by applying pressure, it is known as compressed natural gas (also known as CNG).


Define Petrochemicals and their uses?

Chemicals that are derived from petroleum and natural gas are called petrochemicals. Petrochemicals play an important role in the production of a wide range of useful materials, such as detergents, synthetic fibers (such as polyester, nylon, acrylic), plastics (such as polyvinyl chloride, bakelite, etc.), synthetic rubber, drugs, and dyes, Fertilizers, insecticides, fertilizer, explosives, etc.


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