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Class 8 English Man relationship with Animals


Q: What did the doctor say about Pierre eyesight.
A: The doctor informs Jacques and the others present that Pierre had been blind for the past five years. The doctor points out the presence of cataracts in Pierre ‘s eyes, indicating that his vision had been impaired for 5 years.


Class 8 English Man relationship with Animals Extra Question Answers


Question: What was the name of the big white horse that Pierre Dupin used for delivering milk?
Answer: Joseph


Question: What time did Pierre arrive at the stables of the milk company?
Answer: 5 o’clock


Question: How did the horse know where to stop and deliver the milk on Prince Edward Street?
Answer: The horse had learned the route and knew where to stop.


Question: What does Jacques suggest about Pierre ‘s future?
Answer: Pierre should be given a small pension and retired.


Question: Why does Pierre refuse to retire?
Answer: He wants to continue driving Joseph every day.


Question: What did Jacques see in Pierre ‘s eyes that startled him?
Answer: A dead, lifeless look.


Question: What happened to Pierre after he limped down the street?
Answer: He was hit by a huge truck.


Question: Who knew that Pierre was blind?
Answer: Pierre ‘s friend


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