Class 1 EVS Clothes We Wear Question Answers

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Clothes We Wear Class 1 Questions and Answers


Clothes We Wear Class 1 Questions and Answers | Grade 1 Science Solution | for all the students of CBSE / ICSE / STATE BOARD students..

Give Answer in short-


  • Q – How does clothing help us?
  • A – Clothing covers our bodies and protects us from heat, cold, rain, etc.


  • Q – During rainy season, what are two things you use.
  • A – During rainy season, I use an umbrella and raincoat.


  • Q – What is the purpose of wearing cotton clothes during the summer?
  • A – Cotton clothes keep us cool in the summer.


  • Q – Why do we wear woolen clothes in the winter?
  • A – In winter, we wear woolen clothes. They keep us warm.


  • Q – Mention the names of special people who wear uniforms.
  • A – Doctors, Postmen, Pilots, Nurses, and students wear uniforms.


Clothes We Wear Class 1 MCQ

1. On festivals, we wear uniforms.


2. Cotton comes from ____________


3. ___________ Clothes keep us warm.


4. Children wear uniforms in ……………..


5. During the winter, we wear ……….. clothes.


6. We wear ____________ clothes in summer.


7. Wool is obtained from ______________.


8. In winter, we wear sweaters


9. We use ____________ to cover our body.


10. Cotton clothes keep us warm….


11. In summer, we wear ………… clothes.


12. When it rains, we wear ……………….


13. The clothes we wear protect us from the ………..



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