Class 5 Computer Software Questions and Answers

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Computer Software Class 5 icse

Computer Software Class 5 ICSE | Grade 5 Computer Notes | Question and Answers for the students of cbse / icse / state board students.

Fill in the blanks

………… instructs the computer to do something before it can do anything.  [software]

A computer runs smoothly with ……….. software.  [utility]

The ……….. system is the link between the user and the computer hardware.  [operating]

……………… are installed on the computer according to the user’s requirements.  [Applications]

MS Office is a ………….. suite.  [software]


Answer the following questions.

[Q] What is software?

Software is the set of instructions that control how a computer system functions and how it’s hardware operates.


[Q] Name the desktop operating systems.

These are the desktop operating systems: Microsoft windows, Linux, Unix


[Q] What is Operating System?

Operating systems are essential system software. When a computer starts, the first program loaded into its memory is operating system. It acts as an interface between the user and the computer.


[Q] What is system software?

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