Current Affairs Quiz 15 to 21 Feb 2022

Current Affairs Quiz 15 to 21 Feb 2022

Current Affairs Quiz 15 to 21 Feb 2022 | February Current Affairs Quiz help students prepare for competitive exams like, SSC, CGL IBPS, UPSC, IAS, NTSE, UPPSC Civil Services Exams, such as IAS, IPS, and IFS etc.


Current Affairs Quiz 08 to 14 Feb 2022


Current Affairs Questions in the Quiz

  1. At the Singapore Air Show in 2022, which indigenous fighter aircraft of the Indian Air Force will participate?

Correct answer: Tejas

  1. What city organizes the world-famous Desert Festival of Rajasthan ?

Correct answer: Jaisalmer

  1. Using Aadhaar as the model, which country will receive a grant from India to implement ‘Unitary Digital Identity framework’?

Correct answer: Sri lanka

  1. In collaboration with which organization did NITI Aayog launch the Community Innovator Fellowship (CIF) ?

Correct answer: UNDP

  1. ISRO launched which satellite with PSLV-C52 on 14 February?

Correct answer: Inspire Sat 1

  1. The first Anti-Smuggling Day was observed on what day recently?

Correct answer: 11 Feb

  1. NH 333B in Munger, Bihar, has been inaugurated by whom?

Correct answer: Nitin Gadkari

  1. When was International Epilepsy Day 2022 observed ?

Correct answer: 14 Feb

  1. Which country is the first to allow drones in civilian airspace ?

Correct answer: Israel

  1. ‘How to Prevent the Next Pandemic’ was written by whom ?

Correct answer: Bill gates

  1. With a cost of *30.76 crore, Indian Railways will build India’s largest wrestling academy in which city?

Correct answer: Delhi

  1. TERI’s World Sustainable Development Summit 2022 was inaugurated on 16 February by whom?

Correct answer: Narendra Modi

  1. ‘Jail Vaani-FM 18.77’ radio channel has been launched by which Central Jail in MP ?

Correct answer: Indore

  1. In what year does the BCCI plan to launch a full-fledged women’s Indian Premier League?

Correct answer: 2023

  1. A water taxi service will be unveiled by Union Minister Sarbananda Sonowal on 17 February in which city?

Correct answer: Mumbai

  1. The largest tribal festival in Asia, the Medharam Jathara, begins in which state?

Correct answer: Telangana

  1. A Fintech Open Hackathon will be held by NITI Aayog in partnership with ___?

Correct answer: Phonepe

  1. In India’s Soil Health Card Day celebrated every year on?

Correct answer: 19 February

  1. A new railway line connecting Thane to Diva was inaugurated on 18th February. Who inaugurated it?

Correct answer: Narendra Modi

  1. The author of ‘Atal Bihari Vajpayee – India’s Most Loved Prime Minister’ is?

Correct answer: Sagarika Ghosh

  1. What sportsperson has Adidas appointed as its brand ambassador?

Correct answer: Manika Batra

  1. In 2022, when was World Pangolin Day celebrated?

Correct answer: Feb 19

  1. Every year, what day is celebrated as World Social Justice Day?

Correct answer: 20 Feb

  1. A bio-CNG (Gobar-Dhan) plant with a capacity of 550 TPD was officially inaugurated by Prime Minister Modi in which city in MP on 19 February?

Correct answer: Indore

  1. Which actor has been signed as a brand ambassador by gaming app A23?

Correct answer: Shahrukh Khan

  1. Which FMCG company has become India’s first 100 % plastic waste-neutral company?

Correct answer: Dabur India

  1. Which app was launched by the World Health Organization (WHO) to help people quit smoking?

Correct answer: Quit Tobacco

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