Class 3 Early Humans Question Answers

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Early Humans Class 3 Question Answers

Early Humans Class 3 Question Answers | Grade 3 Social Science Question Answers | early humans worksheets grade 3 answers, for all students by os..


Fill in the blanks

  1. Early humans lived in a …………..
  2. The first animal to be tamed by early humans was ………….
  3. Early humans learnt to tie logs together to make a ………..
  4. The first metals discovered by early humans are …………….
  5. Early human learnt to make fire by rubbing two ………… together.
  6. The early humans moved from place to place to gather …………..
  7. The clothes of early humans were made of  …………..
  8. The first tools of early humans were made of …………….
  9. The discovery of  …………. changed the life of early humans.
  10. Rubbing two stones produced ……………
  11. Early humans realised that ………………….  Could easily float on water.



  1.  forest
  2. dog
  3. raft.
  4. Copper and iron
  5. stone
  6. food
  7. leaves of tree
  8. stone.
  9. fire
  10. fire
  11. wooden log  

State true or false

  1. Early humans hunted small animals for food. – True
  2. Early humans used iron to make tools. – False
  3. Early humans learnt to grow crops. – True


 Answer the following in One Line


  • In the beginning, what did early humans eat?
  • In the beginning, early humans kill animals with stones and ate their raw flesh.


  • Why did early humans move from place to place?
  • Early humans moved from place to place in search of food and water. 


  • What kind of clothes did early humans wear and where did they live?
  • Early humans lived in natural caves and wear the skins of animals or leaves of trees.


  • How did early humans make a fire?
  • They discovered that rubbing two stones together could make fire.


  • How was fire useful to the early humans?
  • Fire is useful to early humans because fire made the flesh of animals tastier and easier to eat when cooked as well as fire protected them from wild animals.


  • Define prehistory?
  • The period of history where early humans lived is called prehistory.


  • Define Stoneage.
  • the time when early human beings made many stone tools is called stoneage.


  • What kind of life did early humans lead?
  • Early humans lived a nomadic life.


 Answer the following in 2 or 3 Lines


Which discovery made it possible for humans to settle down in one place?

As they discovered farming, they found that they could grow their food and no longer have to roam in search of food, and could settle down in one place.


Early humans began to settle near river banks for what reason?

Humans moved from place to place in search of food and water. After a while, they realized that settling near river banks made access to water much easier. Plants also sprouted from seeds spread on the land near these river banks.


 Write a short note on


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