Early Stages of Political System in India Class 6 GSEB

GSEB Chapter 4 Early States of Political System in India


Early Stages of Political System in India Class 6 Solutions ,Question and Answers.

Choose the correct alternative :-

How many mahajanpadas were there?

  • 17
  • 18
  • 16
  • 19

Answer – 16

In which period mahajanpadas were there?

  • Modern
  • Vedic
  • Post-Vedic
  • Medieval

Answer – Post-Vedic

Which of the following state was called a Republic?

  • Magadha
  • Kosal
  • Vatsa
  • Vaishali

Answer – Vaishali

How many types of state system was established in Janpada?

  • One 
  • Two
  • Three
  • Four

Answer – Two

Answer the following questions briefly?

State briefly the difference between the Monarchy and Democratic state?

  • If a monarchy state is ruled by a king, then a democratic state is ruled by the people through one’s elected representatives
  • In monarchies, there are ministers who assist the king and administration; in democracies, the cabinet assists the president with state administration
  • In monarchy, the position of the king is hereditary, while in democracy, the people elect their representatives

State the characteristics of the governance of the republic?

Republics are states which are directly or indirectly ruled by a head who is elected by the population. Republics governed by more than one member can be called Republics. All the members sat in Sabha and all were passed in the house by vote. A place called the Sanctum was where the meeting was held.

Describe the social life of the Republics?

Archaeologists believe that people of this period lived in simple houses associated with pastoral activities. At this time wheat, rice, barley, sugar cane, and mustard cells were grown. Some of the pottery found at this time had drawings on it and the utensils were grey in color. Several strong forts were built around the state capital to defend it, and the people were taxed to pay for them. Farmers used to give the Treasury a sixth portion of their yield. Artisans used to work for the state for one day a month, and cattle rearers gave cattle as tax.

Match the column

Column A Column B
Magadh Kaushambi
Gandhar Ujjaini
Vatsa Rajgrih
Avanti Takshashila


Early Stages of Political System in India Class 6 Important Points:-


  • Janpad was the area or place of a person’s habitat
  • There are total 16 mahajanapadas found in India around 6th century 
  • Anguttara nikaya book is written in Pali language 
  • There was three dynasty who ruled over Magadh, Haryana ka dynasty Nag dynasty and Nanda dynasty
  • Bimbisara was the founder of Haryana dynasty 
  • Ajatshatru was the king of Haryana Dynasty after Bimbisara
  • Shishunaga was the king of Nag dynasty
  • Nanda dynasty was established by mahapadma Nanda



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