Earth Sun and Moon Class 5 Question and Answers

Earth Sun and Moon Class 5


Earth Sun and Moon Class 5 Question and Answers / worksheet for The Students of Cbse /Icse Board

Earth Sun and Moon MCQ / Earth Sun and Moon Quiz

Earth , Sun and Moon MCQ [ Multiple Choice Questions ]

Earth Sun and Moon Fill in the blanks :-

  1. The first man-made satellite was ………….
  2. A person who goes into space is called an …………..
  3. ………… are used to observe the moon and distant stars.
  4. ……………….. is the first man to go into space. 
  5. The first Indian woman to go into space is ………….. 
  6. ………….. was the first man to set foot on the moon. 
  7. …………. is the first Indian to go into space.      
  8. A ……………. is a change of shape on the moon. 

Answers –  

  1. Sputnik-I
  2. Astronaut
  3. Telescopes
  4. Yuri Gagarin
  5. Kalpana Chawla
  6. Neil Armstrong
  7. Rakesh sharma
  8. phases

What is an eclipse?

The light travels in a straight line. The earth sometimes comes between the sun and the moon, and the moon sometimes comes between the sun and the earth. During such times, the one in the middle casts a shadow that partially or completely hides the other from the sun. This is called an eclipse. An eclipse occurs when the sun revolves around the earth and the moon revolves around the sun.

During which phase of the moon does an eclipse of the moon occur?

An eclipse of the moon occurs during a full moon

What is the natural satellite of the earth?

Natural satellite of the earth is the moon.

When the moon blocks the sun, what happens?

A solar eclipse occurs when the moon blocks the sun between the earth and the sun.

How is a shadow formed?

When light is blocked by an opaque body, a shadow is formed.


What are the large round holes on the moon’s surface called?

A crater is a large hole made by a solid body called a meteorite striking the moon.

What are artificial satellites used for?

The purpose of artificial satellites is to communicate, navigate, monitor weather conditions and to carry telescopes.

What are the use of Communication satellites?

A communication satellite transmits signals for television and radio broadcasts, as well as telephone calls.


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