Class 3 Earth The Living Planet Question and Answers

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Earth The Living Planet Class 3


Earth The Living Planet Class 3 Question and Answers | Grade 3 Social Science Question Answers | for the students of CBSE / ICSE students.


Fill in the blanks

The land and sky appear to meet at the ………… [ horizon ]

All living things need ……….. to live. [air]

A person who is trained to travel in a spacecraft is called an ………….. [astronaut]

Magellan was a sailor from ………… [Portugal]

The earth is shaped like a ….[ball.]

Earth is a ……….planet. [unique]

A layer of air called the ………….surrounds the earth.[ atmosphere]

The surface of the earth is made up of ……….. and ………. [land, water ]

Land and sea meet at the ………. [ coast.]

Answer the following questions:-

Q: What makes Earth a unique planet?

A: Earth is a unique planet because it is the only known planet in the universe where there is life. It provides the essential elements necessary for life, such as water and the right amount of warmth.


Q: What do all living things need to survive?

A: All living things need water and the right amount of warmth to survive.


Q: Where does Earth get its heat and light from?

A: Earth gets its heat and light from the Sun.


Q: What is the atmosphere?

A: The atmosphere is a layer of air that surrounds the Earth.


Q: What is the surface of the Earth made up of?

A: The surface of the Earth is made up of land and water. Approximately three-quarters of the Earth is covered in water, and one-quarter is covered in land.


Q: Who was Ferdinand Magellan and what did he do?

A: Ferdinand Magellan was a sailor from Portugal who went on a long journey with some ships 500 years ago. He sailed straight for three years and then his ships came back to the same place where they had started from. This showed that the Earth is not flat but round like a ball.


Q: What did Magellan’s voyage prove about the Earth?

A: Magellan’s voyage proved that the Earth is round like a ball, not flat as people had earlier thought.


Q: Who are astronauts and what do they do?

A: Astronauts are people who have been trained to travel in space in rockets and spaceships. They conduct research and experiments in space and have provided valuable information about the Earth and space.


Q: What did astronauts discover about the Earth when they looked at it from outer space?

A: Astronauts discovered that the Earth looked like a huge ball when they looked at it from outer space.


Q: What is the horizon and what happens when we come close to it?

A: The horizon is where the land and the sky seem to come together. Whenever we go near the horizon, it looks like it’s moving away from us until it meets the coast. When we stand on the coast and look out to the sea, it looks like the water and the sky meet at a faraway place.


Q: What is the sky and how does it look?

A: The sky is a vast space surrounding the Earth. It appears blue, although it is not actually blue. The blue color is a result of the way the Earth’s atmosphere scatters sunlight.


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