Environment Class 7 Questions and Answers

Environment Class 7 Questions and Answers


Answer the following questions:


What is an ecosystem?

Ecosystems are made up of all the organisms living within a given area interacting with each other as well as with their non-living components.


What do you mean by natural environment?

Natural environment refers to all the things provided by nature. Abiotic and biotic components make up natural environment.


Which are the major components of the environment.

The major components of the environment are:

The natural environment and human environment and human-made environment.


Give four examples of human-made environments.

Some of the examples of human-made environments are buildings, roads, etc.


What is the lithosphere?

The lithosphere is the hard crust or top layer of the earth, made of rocks and minerals, and covered by thin layers of soil.


Which are the two major components of the biotic environment?

Two major components of the biotic environment are plants and animals.


What is the biosphere?

The biosphere is a thin zone of the earth where land, water, and air interact to sustain life. It consists of both the plant and animal kingdoms.


Tick the correct answer


Which is not a natural ecosystem?

  • Desert
  • Aquarium
  • Forest


Which is not a component of the human environment?

  • Land
  • Religion
  • Community


Which is a human-made environment?

  • Mountain
  • Sea
  • Road


Which is a threat to the environment?

  • Growing plant
  • Growing population
  • Growing crops


Match the following

Column A Column B
Biosphere blanket of air which surrounds the earth
Atmosphere domain of water
Hydrosphere gravitational force of earth
Environment our surroundings
Narrow zone where land water and air interact.
Relation between the organisms and their surroundings


Give reasons

Man modifies his environment.

Man modifies his environment because he is capable of changing it according to what he wants and lives comfortably. People have invented many things and worked hard to use and change the environment. Industrialization enabled mass production. Transport became faster. Information revolution made communication easier and speedy across the world.


Plants and animals depend on each other.



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